Last 100 Court Decisions

Below you will find a list of the last 100 decisions of the Courts entered into the Index.

Decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) are identifiable by the letter "A" preceding their identity number - those of the Federal Court (national trial court) are preceded by the letter "T". Decisions of the Supreme Court are preceded by the letter "S".

Clicking on a decision in the Identifier column will bring forth two rectangular screens, a large one providing a summary briefly describing the content of the decision and further identifiers in terms of main issue and sub-issues. The top rectangular screen provides information such as the date of the decision, the language of issuance, the names of the claimant and the authoring judge, who was the appellant and the result of the decision in regard to the appellant.

For the full text of the decision, just click on the decision in the "Case Number" box. The decision will appear with links to the version in the other official language. All linked decisions are located in the repository of decisions maintained by Appeals Services. When the link does not work, an effort is made to provide a link to a different repository, within the summary. For example, a decision of the FCA can be found at the FCA website.

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Identifier: Issue: Claimant Name: Date: Full Text:
A459.15 voluntarily leaving employment Langlois 2019-12-20 Yes
A460.15 voluntarily leaving employment Joncas 2019-12-20 Yes
T779.18 Social Security tribunal Pellettieri 2019-12-19 Yes
T1777.18 earnings Arksey 2019-10-15 Yes
A238.17 voluntarily leaving employment Cameron 2019-10-10 Yes
T1780.17 basic concepts Alexander 2019-10-10 Yes
A247.17 voluntarily leaving employment Mehra 2019-10-04 Yes
A289.16 voluntarily leaving employment Peppard 2019-10-04 Yes
T106.18 federal court Omoregbe 2019-10-04 Yes
T1960.17 basic concepts Berkiw 2019-10-04 Yes
T2145.18 basic concepts Potomski 2019-10-04 Yes
T227.18 voluntarily leaving employment Bossé 2019-10-04 No
T784.17 earnings Dalgleish 2019-10-04 Yes
T909.18 earnings Zadoyan 2019-10-04 Yes
A130.16 earnings Mosley 2019-10-03 Yes
A340.16 availability for work Lavita 2019-10-03 Yes
A389.17 federal court Sherwood 2019-10-03 Yes
T1500.15 Social Security tribunal Daley 2019-10-03 Yes
T2111-17 federal court Papouchine 2019-10-03 Yes
T695.15 federal court Sherwood 2019-10-03 Yes
A24.16 week of unemployment Jean 2019-10-03 Yes
A420.16 penalties Bellil 2019-10-03 Yes
T1184.16 federal court Bernier 2019-10-03 Yes
A130.18 earnings Wilson 2019-08-09 Yes
T1561.17 penalties Ibrahim 2019-08-09 Yes
A151.16 teaching Côté 2019-08-09 Yes
T1055.18 misconduct Dubeau 2019-08-09 Yes
A372.15 earnings Hood 2018-01-30 Yes
A430.16 antedate Quadir 2018-01-30 Yes
T649.16 misconduct Paradis 2018-01-15 Yes
A0471.15 voluntarily leaving employment Hurtubise 2018-01-10 Yes
T-297-16 Social Security tribunal Marcia 2018-01-05 Yes
T339.15 Social Security tribunal Bossé 2017-06-07 Yes
T2627.14 parental benefits Zulkoskey 2015-11-30 Yes
A0427.14 week of unemployment Paradis 2015-11-30 Yes
A0510.14 interruption of earnings Dupuis 2015-11-30 Yes
A0510.14 teaching Dupuis 2015-11-30 Yes
A0319.14 misconduct Thibodeau 2015-11-27 Yes
A0319.14 voluntarily leaving employment Thibodeau 2015-11-27 Yes
A0044.14 penalties Pathmanathan 2015-11-26 Yes
A0044.14 reconsideration of claim Pathmanathan 2015-11-26 Yes
A0234.14 voluntarily leaving employment Chemouny 2015-11-26 Yes
A0142.14 penalties Prasad 2015-11-25 Yes
T2043.13 reconsideration of claim Turner 2015-11-10 Yes
A0453.12 earnings Robinson 2015-02-16 Yes
A0223.12 antedate Cruz de Jesus 2015-02-11 Yes
A0004.13 basic concepts Jewett 2015-02-09 Yes
A0008.13 basic concepts Roby 2015-02-09 Yes
A0056.13 voluntarily leaving employment Andrade 2015-02-06 Yes
A0036.13 work sharing Cloutier 2015-02-06 Yes
A0159.13 earnings Staikos 2015-02-05 Yes
A0003.13 availability for work Picard 2015-02-05 Yes
A0027.13 earnings Roy 2015-02-05 Yes
A0558.12 misconduct Maher 2015-02-05 Yes
A0179.13 availability for work Ayai 2015-02-04 Yes
A0179.13 sickness benefits Ayai 2015-02-04 Yes
A0184.13 misconduct Vo 2015-02-04 Yes
A0042.13 voluntarily leaving employment Ahmat Djalabi 2015-02-03 Yes
A0562.12 antedate Rodger 2015-02-03 Yes
A0282.12 penalties Mubenga 2015-02-03 Yes
A0033.13 misconduct Kaba 2015-01-29 Yes
A0113.12 umpires Oyenuga 2015-01-29 Yes
A0352.12 basic concepts Adams Jr. 2015-01-29 Yes
S33511 Supreme Court of Canada Bruyère 2015-01-07 Yes
A0352.11 umpires Goulet 2015-01-06 Yes
A0548.12 antedate Kamgar 2014-09-09 Yes
A0002.13 voluntarily leaving employment Bell 2014-09-04 Yes
A0476.12 basic concepts Shahid 2014-09-04 Yes
A0539.12 antedate McLeod 2014-09-04 Yes
A0315.12 earnings Raymond 2014-09-04 Yes
A0422.12 basic concepts Terrion 2014-09-03 Yes
A0477.12 voluntarily leaving employment Williams 2014-09-03 Yes
A0157.12 misconduct Malenfant 2014-09-03 Yes
A0359.12 availability for work Elyoumni 2014-09-03 Yes
A0437.12 teaching Lafrenière 2014-05-14 Yes
A0065.11 earnings Chaulk 2013-11-01 Yes
A0065.11 teaching Chaulk 2013-11-01 Yes
A0334.12 availability for work Paquet 2013-06-11 Yes
A0423.11 earnings Talbot 2013-06-11 Yes
A0068.12 availability for work Savard 2013-06-10 Yes
A0065.12 voluntarily leaving employment Marier 2013-06-05 Yes
A0243.11 parental benefits Martin 2013-06-04 Yes
A0333.12 earnings Lapointe 2013-06-04 Yes
A0163.12 labour dispute Provost 2013-05-17 Yes
A0369.12 voluntarily leaving employment Lakic 2013-05-17 Yes
A0370.11 earnings Winston-Curpen 2013-05-17 Yes
A0136.12 parental benefits Hunter 2013-05-07 Yes
A0032.12 voluntarily leaving employment Green 2013-04-23 Yes
A0198.11 misconduct Karelia 2013-04-23 Yes
A0300.11 antedate Burke 2013-04-23 Yes
A0437.11 voluntarily leaving employment Green 2013-04-23 Yes
A0280.12 week of unemployment Inkell 2013-04-23 Yes
A0071.12 voluntarily leaving employment Lee 2013-03-25 Yes
A0083.12 availability for work Bendahan 2013-03-25 Yes
A0132.12 availability for work Gibson 2013-03-25 Yes
A0154.11 antedate Mauchel 2013-03-25 Yes
A0313.11 antedate Bradford 2012-07-25 Yes
A0365.11 basic concepts Jesso 2012-07-25 Yes
A0145.11 labour dispute Tembec Industries Inc 2012-07-24 Yes
A0386.11 basic concepts Barthe 2012-07-24 Yes
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