Decision A0282.12

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Decision A0282.12 Mubenga  Trudel, J.A.  French 2013-09-12
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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penalties  ordinarily resident defined 


The claiamnt was a seasonal worker who resided permanently in Montreal, but who had worked outside the city on a temporary basis. He filed three claims for regular benefits. His claims for benefits were approved by the Commission. Following an investigation by the Commission, it determined that the claimant had provided incorrect information regarding his place of residence. The Commission established that the claimant had to repay the overpayments of EI benefits. She issued penalties and a notice of violation. On the recommendation of the Commission, the second BOR cancelled the notice of violation and upheld the Commission’s decision regarding the penalties. The Umpire dismissed his appeal on the ground that the BOR’s decision was justified and reasonable. The FCA determined that there was no reason for the Court to intervene because the Umpire’s decision was reasonable.

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