Decision A0300.11

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Decision A0300.11 Burke  Dawson, Eleanor R.  English 2012-05-04
Decision Appealed Appellant Corresponding Case
Judicial Review Dismissed  No Commission  -

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antedate  waiting for job  existing opportunity 


The claimant stopped working in September 2009 and he filed his EI claim only in January 2010. He requested that his claim be antedated to September 2009. He did not look for other work from September to December because he knew that there was a major project that was to start in December and he would be working at that time. He applied for benefits when he realized that the job would not happen during the winter. The Commission refused his request. The Commission find no good cause for the entire 17 week delay. The FCA found that the Umpire's arithmetic error in calculating the delay period was not material to the décision and he acted reasonably when it considered the claimant's reasons for his delay. The claimant had acted as any reasonable and prudent person would atc in the same circumstances.

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