Decision A0476.12

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Decision A0476.12 Shahid  Sharlow  English 2013-06-04
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Commission  -

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basic concepts  rate of benefit  computation  Family supplement 


The claimant applied for benefits in July 2011. Her benefit rate was increased by the amount of a family supplement as a result of the application of section 16 of the EI Act, which increases the benefit rates of low-income claimants with one or more dependent children if they are in receipt of the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) under the Income Tax Act. The Commission ceased paying the claimant the family supplement when it received information from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in August 2011 that the claimant was no longer receiving the CCTB. The FCA determined that the evidence before the BOR was insufficient to conclude that the claimant was in receipt of the CCTB, but that this was cured by the new evidence presented to the Umpire.

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