Decision A0280.12

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Decision A0280.12 Inkell  Noël  French 2012-11-14
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week of unemployment  principal means of livelihood 


A registered business report from the CRA indicated that an employer number had been requested by the company Distribution JMF 2010 Inc., which was operated by the Applicant and her husband. This new information prompted an investigation that revealed the Applicant had made false declarations and was not eligible for benefits under the Act. The Commission imposed a penalty on the Applicant under section 38 of the EI Act and further issued a notice of violation. The FCA issued specific instructions that the BOR should determine if the claimant’s participation in her company during her benefit period was such that it could not constitute her principal means of livelihood under subs. 30(2) and (3) of the EIR, to determine if the claimant knowingly made false or misleading representations and to follow the FCA’s determination in Gill and consider that a notice of violation is not automatic.

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