Decision T1055.18

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Decision T1055.18 Dubeau  Gagné, Jocelyne  French 2019-05-22
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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misconduct  insubordination 


Mr. Dubeau was dismissed for insubordination and unsatisfactory work. Based on the information obtained from Mr. Dubeau and the CSRS, the Employment Insurance Commission informed Mr. Dubeau that he was not entitled to regular employment insurance benefits because he had lost his job for misconduct. The General Division concluded that it was Mr. Dubeau’s conduct which led to his dismissal.Mr. Dubeau filed an application seeking leave to appeal this decision before the Social Security Tribunal’s Appeal Division. The Appeal Division refused to grant the applicant leave to appeal the decision rendered by the General Division. The Associate Chief Justice found that the Appeal Division did not err in concluding that the applicant’s appeal did not raise a question of jurisdiction, fact or law with some reasonable chance of success. The application for judicial review will therefore be dismissed.

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