Decision A0068.12

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Decision A0068.12 Savard  Trudel, J.A.  French 2013-02-22
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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availability for work  out of Canada  looking for work 


The Commission had been informed that the claimant was outside of the country while he was receiving benefits. The claimant informed the Commission that he was looking for work in Haiti. The Commission allowed the claimant to receive benefits for that period pursuant to paragraph 55(1)(f) of the Regulations. The claimant was not eligible to receive benefits for the remainder of his stay in Haiti. Both the BOR and the Umpire concluded that the evidence submitted by the claimant did not demonstrate that he had to extend his stay beyond the period of 14 days already granted to conduct a bona fide job search. The FCA concluded that the claimant was ineligible for benefits for the duration of his stay outside of the country in which he met none of the exceptions under section 55 of the EIR. Application for judicial review dismissed.

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