Decision T2627.14

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Decision T2627.14 Zulkoskey  Manson, Michael D.  English 2015-10-29
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Dismissed Unanimous  No Claimant  -

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parental benefits  maximum payable  twins 


Claimant argues that providing a single set of EI parental benefits to parents of twins is discriminatory under the CHRA. The claimant stayed her appeal at the SST-AD and had it dismissed based on the outcome in Martin. She claims this position is contrary to the actions of the Umpire, who in granting her stay indicated that once Martin was determined, the Applicant could take the appropriate legal steps to resolve her case. FCA agrees that the claimant did not receive a final determination regarding discrimination at the SST-AD. However, the FCA disagrees that her human rights issues have not been addressed. Despite the errors in the report regarding finality and other redress procedures, the decision in Martin in and of itself provides reasonable justification not to deal with the claimant’s complaint. The application of the claimant was dismissed.

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