Decision A0437.11

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Decision A0437.11 Green  Nadon  English 2012-11-29
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  new employment  not definite 


The applicant applied for benefits and stated that he had left his job working for a geological company for a better job with a different company that never materialized as he had failed a drug test while he was in training for the new job. The Commission denied his claim on the basis that he had voluntarily left his employment without just cause. The claimant asked the Umpire to reconsider his initial decision on the basis of new facts pursuant to section 120 of the EI Act. The FCA found that the claimant had voluntarily left his job without “just cause” and he had no reasonable assurance of employment in the near future when he had quit the job. On the Umpire’s decision refusing to reconsider the initial decision on the basis of new facts, the FCA found that there was no error in the Umpire’s finding.

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