Decision A0159.13

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Decision A0159.13 Staikos  Webb, Wyman W.  English 2014-02-04
Decision Appealed Appellant Corresponding Case
Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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earnings  allocation  by reason of separation 


The claimant worked for Ford until March 18, 2011 and on termination of his employment, he received a severance pay in the amount of $125,000. He then worked for General Dynamics until March 16, 2012. The Commission determined that the severance pay from Ford constituted earnings within the meaning of the EIR and should be allocated starting March 18, 2011 (the date of his termination with Ford). The FCA determined that the lump sum severance payment of $125,000 constituted “earnings” that must be allocated following termination of employment, pursuant to the EIR. The FCA also confirmed that the $125,000 payment from Ford was not a payment from a supplemental unemployment insurance plan for the purposes of section 37 of the EIR.

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