Decision A0071.12

Case Number Claimant Judge Language Decision date
Decision A0071.12 Lee  Nadon  English 2012-09-19
Decision Appealed Appellant Corresponding Case
Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  applicability  impending layoff 


The claimant’s departure from his employment was precipitated by complaints received by his employer from customers advising that the applicant had not given them the appropriate credits for returned bread. The employer’s policy provided that different types of bread were subject to different return credit rates. The claimant was applying one rate, the lowest credit rate. As a result, a payment of over $9000 was not appropriately reimbursed to the customers and the claimant’s commissions were overstated. The customers informed the employer that the claimant would no longer be permitted on the customers’ premises. The claimant was offered a similar position on a different route by his employer. He declined the offer and left his employment. The FCA dismissed the application on the ground that monetary relief is not available on the application for judicial review in front oh the FCA.

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