Decision A0056.13

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Decision A0056.13 Andrade  Noël  English 2014-04-07
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Judicial Review Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  personal reasons 


Om March 25, 2012, the claimant left his employment. He stated that he had left his employment due to family problems that resulted from him being out of town for work and being only able to return once per month. The Commission imposed an indefinite disqualification under 29 and 30 of the EIA on the ground that the claimant had voluntarily terminated his employment without just cause. According to the Umpire, just cause must be distinguished from good cause. In this case, the claimant made a personal decision to leave his employment and failed to explore other alternatives to leaving his employment. The FCA detected no error in the Umpire's conclusion that the claimant's decision to return home was a personal one and that a personal decision does not constitute just cause for leaving voluntarily his employment.

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