Decision A0465.07

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Decision A0465.07 Beaulieu  Desjardins  French 2008-04-07
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Allowed Unanimous  No Commission  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  personal reasons  courses of study 


It suffices to recall the jurisprudence that our Court has applied in similar cases. In A-1691-02(Martel), the Court said: "An employee who voluntarily leaves his employment to take a training course which is not authorized by the Commission certainly has an excellent reason for doing so in personal terms; but we feel it is contrary to the very principles underlying the unemployment insurance system for that employee to be able to impose the economic burden of his decision on contributors to the fund." The Court went on to say that the jurisprudence that followed has not deviated: A-492-94 (Traynor), A-037-96 (Barnett), A-031-00 (Bois), A-54-01 (Wall), A-41-02 (Shaw), A-249-01 (Lessard), A-46-02 (Connell), A-20-03(Bédard) and A-322-06(Caron).

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