Decision A0386.11

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Decision A0386.11 Barthe  Noël  English 2012-05-28
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Allowed Unanimous  No Commission  -

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basic concepts  number of hours required  pilot project # 13 


The claimant filed his claim for benefits on December 6, 2010. His claim was made effective on Sunday, December 5, 2010. Pilot Project 13, which had reduced the number of required insurable hours in the claimant’s region from 910 to 840, had expired on Saturday, December 4. The Commission determined the claimant had only accumulated 846 hours and therefore did not qualify for EI benefits, since the Pilot Project had expired. The FCA allowed the application for judicial review and found the claimant had not accumulated sufficient hours to qualify for EI benefits regardless of whether he applied on Friday, December 3, as found by the BOR and Umpire, or on Monday, December 6, as determined by the Commission.

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