Decision A0270.10

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Decision A0270.10 King  Evans   English 2011-01-26
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Allowed Unanimous - Returned to the ump  No Commission  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  personal reasons  courses of study 


The claimant voluntarily left her employment to pursue apprenticeship training. The BOR found that the claimant had left her employment wiyh just cause because her hours had been reduced from 40 to 30 hours per week. The FCA held that the Umpire erred in upholding the BOR's conclusion. Further, the BOR erred in law by focussing on whether the reduction in wages was a significant modification without also considering whether the claimant had a reasonable alternative to leaving her employment. The FCA was also «troubled» by the BOR's conclusion that the claimant left her employment because of a reduction in work hours, rather than to pursue a training program.

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