Decision A-1050.90

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Decision A-1050.90 Dawley Dalton  Federal  English 1991-11-19
Decision Appealed Appellant Corresponding Case
Allowed Unanimous  No N/A 

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earnings  pension  definition 


The Umpire correctly applied the test enunciated in MacMILLAN which requires, for there to be a loan, that there be both an obligation to repay and documentary evidence supporting that obligation. Here an insurance policy was arranged to be repaid by the estate in case of death. Retired from Du Pont of Canada. Receives a Level Retirement Income. No reviewable error by Umpire in deciding that there was a loan to claimant in this case. Test in MacMILLAN correctly applied. There was ample evidence to show that there was a loan which had to be repaid.

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