Decision A-0274.95

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Decision A-0274.95 Ritchie Peter  Federal  French 1996-02-19
Decision Appealed Appellant Corresponding Case
Dismissed Unanimous  No N/A  27230 

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week of unemployment  work without earnings 


Company in financial difficulties while awaiting government grants. BÉRUBÉ quoted. The claimant worked without pay, with the agreement that he would resume his employment in the future. He thus hoped to obtain a benefit in the form of paid employment. Upheld by FCA.

Issue: Sub-Issue 1: Sub-Issue 2: Sub-Issue 3:
board of referees  legislative authority  purpose of ui system 


Though I consider it praiseworthy that these beneficiaries wished to work, it remains that the Unemployment Insurance Act was not designed to compensate employees, when their employers are unable to pay their salaries owing to financial problems.

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