Decision A-0021.77

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Decision A-0021.77 McKinnon J.  Federal  English 1977-05-05
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Dismissed Unanimous  No N/A  -

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labour dispute  financing 


Claimant paid union dues part of which were used for a strike fund. She was a member of the striking union but belonged to a bargaining unit other than that of strikers who were paid strike benefits. The argument that she was not voluntarily financing the strike was dismissed. Where the strike funds were raised long before the strike, it must be determined whether there is a sufficient connection between the financial contribution and the dispute this contribution may have financed. This is a question of fact. Claimant pointed out that "finance" is used in the present tense in 44(2) and that it applies only if one is giving the strikers financial help during the strike. Argument dismissed. It does not matter whether the funds have been disbursed before the strike or while taking place.

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