Decision 76396

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Decision 76396   Russell David H.  English 2011-02-14
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Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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voluntarily leaving employment  personal reasons  courses of study 


The claimant voluntarily left his employment to begin a forestry course. He then left that course in November, 2009 either because of illness or because he failed an exam. The Band approved his attendance at the course and paid for it, but did not have authority to approve his leaving employment. The Commission counsellor had approved only the funds for equipment. The claimant stated he was not looking for support as he was being funded through his Native Band while attending school. It has been well established in the jurisprudence that leaving one’s employment to go to school does not constitute just cause for doing so. The claimant says he is being disqualified for Benefits due to an error by an employee of the Commission. The appeal by the claimant is dismissed.

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