Decision 74576

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Decision 74576   Maximilien Polak  English 2010-05-21
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Dismissed  No Claimant  -

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interruption of earnings  conditions required  7 days without earnings 


The claimant filed an initial claim for EI benefits effective March 1, 2009. He was unable to obtain a RoE because, following the production shutdown on February 27, 2009, all employees at X, including the claimant, had to take mandatory vacation leave for the weeks of March 2 and March 13, 2009. The Commission determined that the claimant had failed to prove that he had had an interruption of earnings because, even though he had been on leave, he had received an income that was set aside in a self-financed leave program while he had been working. Consequently, the Commission found that the claimant continued to be employed during that time. The claimant's appeal is dismissed by the Umpire

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