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Decision 68684   Riche David G.  English 2007-07-31
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week of unemployment  farming  self-employed 


The claimant's activities from April to September are a full time employment. The claimant is working in the spring getting his farm ready for planting and also keeps some livestock. Although this is a very small operation, it appears that he spends a considerable amount of time each week at that activity. After September, the claimant appears to be unemployed but this is his own business and it is up to him to determine when he closes down for the winter. The claimant is not unlike any other farmer in that he works during the spring, summer and fall and then during the winter there is not that much for the claimant to do other than to get things ready for the next season. Further, the evidence in this case does not show that the claimant has been working regularly at other activities and does not show an extensive job search during this period when he was involved in his farm activities. Surely a person who is involved 72 hours per week in farming activity from April to September would not be available to take on other employment. That shows that the claimant was involved in this operation in more than a minor extent.

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