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Decision 31814   Forget  French 1996-01-10
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A day labourer who worked at Ferme Duregard Inc. between 4-07 and 21-10-94 also has an interest (40% of shares). She was notified that she should declare 15% of farm revenue. Ruled that she was not an independent worker, but simply a worker; farm revenue not considered. Appeal pending before FCA.**S. 57(6)(b) of the Regulations covers only independent workers in the agricultural sector. For the purposes of "revenue", the Act does not cover persons operating a business on their own behalf, as a partner, or as a co-venturer. Commission did not agree. Appeal before FCA.**NOTE: The Commission does not agree with the umpire's decision, whereby only self-employed people in the agricultural sector are subject to s. 57(6)(b) of the Regulations.

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